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Futuristics is an emerging discipline that studies the future in a systematic, scientific way. Its purpose is to provide a framework for planning and decision making—at the personal, professional and organisational level.

For the first time ever, Simova makes Futuristics accessible to the non-specialist, and shows you how critical the study of the future is for anyone aspiring to succeed in the coming years. This course introduces you to the tools and techniques of Futuristics and aims to help you develop a 'future-thinking' attitude.

What is a 'future-thinking' attitude?

Simply put, it is 'looking ahead by looking around'.

It is an ability to understand and anticipate, in a systematic way, events and changes in your surroundings, so that you are better equipped to deal with the future.

It means:

Analysing trends in various areas and identifying possible scenarios.

Making connections between seemingly unconnected events and assessing their impact.

Spotting opportunities early on and minimising threats.

The ability to be prepared for change.

Having an advantage over those who are future-indifferent.

These are the kind of abilities that are being increasingly valued at today's workplace. Since skills can be learned and knowledge can be acquired, qualities like these are what will set you apart.

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1. Futuristics
a) Introduction

b) More about Futuristics

c) Objectives & Benefits

d) Curriculum

e) Course Details


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