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SimovaCampus is the Virtual Campus for Simova Learners. The actual campus area is accessible only to those who have enrolled for Simova's courses. This part of SimovaCampus consists of a range of features and facilities that meet all your needs as a learner.

Apart from being an enjoyable experience, SimovaCampus will be an integral part of your learning at Simova. The Virtual Campus houses the Simova Learning Community, of which you will be a member as a Simova Learner. Once you form your collaborative group, a lot of your learning will involve group interaction on SimovaCampus.

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SimovaCampus acts as the perfect complement to our printed course material by providing a platform for learners to interact and thereby add to each other's individual learning. As a Simova Learner, collaborating with others on the Virtual Campus is part of your course requirement. You will need to visit SimovaCampus once a week, spending about an hour on course related work.


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