Features of the Virtual Campus

The Virtual Campus has several features that enable interaction, as well as serve all your learning needs. Given below are some of the key features and facilities.

Discussion Boards

SimovaCampus has several Discussion Boards for learners to have online discussions on various topics. At SimovaCampus, the Discussion Board is a powerful learning tool that allows learners to have in-depth discussions on a particular topic. While we use the most advanced technology available for our Discussion Boards, they are easy to use even for the first-time user.

To see how our Discussion Boards look, click here.

Following are some of the general interest Discussion Boards

General, where you can participate in discussions on topics that matter.
• Share your thoughts, feelings and emotions in Sahrudaya.
• The Book Club is for those of you who love books, and want to exchange thoughts about them.

Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms allow you to interact live with other learners on SimovaCampus. As a Simova Learner, you can use these Chat Rooms to meet members of your collaborative group, or to discuss course related or general interest topics with other Simova Learners.

Messenger (To be available soon)

The Messenger is a tool that helps you communicate privately with other learners on SimovaCampus. The moment you log on to SimovaCampus, you can use the Messenger to find out who among your friends and group members are on campus at that time. You can send and receive messages and have live conversations with them, even if you are engaged in some other activity.


Simova's web library, has recommended reading lists and links to selected resources on the web that are of interest to the Simova Learner. It also has course-related reference material selected and stored by Simova.


SimovaCampus has a Search facility, which you can use to search for information within the discussion boards on the Virtual Campus, as well as on the Internet. You can also search the Encyclopaedia Britannica—a popular source of knowledge—without leaving the Virtual Campus.


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