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The Liberal Arts (Humanities) have traditionally been taught in a theoretical and academic way. Simova aims to bridge this gap between academics and reality by offering programmes with a practical context. Simova's courses will be relevant, taking into account both professional and personal needs of the day. They will give you the required attitude and abilities for professional and personal success in the 21st century.

Shown below is the list of courses that will be offered by Simova. Different combinations of these courses will make up the various Diploma programmes Simova will be launching soon. Right now, enrolments are open for the Basic Certificate Course in Futuristics, the foundation course for almost all of Simova's programmes. Simova is in the process of creating the other courses listed here, which will be announced at the appropriate time.

  Some of the Simova courses include:

  • Futuristics (enrolments open now)
  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • Logic and Creativity
  • Professional Excellence

  Details available later on in the website.
   Courses coming soon:

  • People Relationship Management
  • Personal Knowledge Management
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Mentoring and Guidance

    • Rural Studies
    • Political Practice
    • Indian Heritage
    • Citizenship
    • 21st Century Sociology
    • 21st Century Economics
    • Philosophy for the 21st

Each of the above is a self-contained individual course. You can enrol for one or more courses.

2. Liberal Arts
a) Introduction

b) Liberal Arts

c) The Need for
Liberal Arts

d) Programme Benefits

e) Programme List


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