What our Learners say about our Futuristics course

Hats off to Simova for the wonderful study material. I am sharing this information with all my friends.
S. Chandrasekar

The material is great, the timelines are amazing-both interesting and informative. I've seen a few before, but this collection takes the cake.

Just to acknowledge the receipt of study material ! Enjoying the experience of learning.

About Simova's last workshop as part of the course
—Future Scenarios: 2011 (22 July 2001, at Simova, Bangalore)

The workshop on Scenarios 2011 indeed proved to be an eye opener. I have never had the opportunity to discuss the topic in a formal setting until now. The ideas, knowledge of various aspects of life itself which came from a number of people has certainly helped me. I must congratulate Simova for taking the initiative and making it possible.

Very good effort. Learnt substantially about creating scenarios. Excellent back-up support.
Dr.T. Rangarajan

The Scenarios 2011 workshop was indeed a mind opener. As a group we were able to get new ideas, think differently, discuss, analyse, agree, disagree, strategize, co-operate, arrive at methods, conclusions. I think it was a valuable experiment we had.
Kumar, S.

Kindled a futuristic thinking within the group, thereby giving an opportunity to work on forming the future rather than just accepting the future.
Michael Fernandes

An eye opener. A trigger for 'self-brain storming' (or) look at things in totally new perspective. A big thanks for the workshop and the hospitality.
Ramesh, T.K.

About the Simova website

Dated: 19/4/2001
I have logged onto the SMASHING new Simova. Wow! You have a set of designers who have really risen to the occasion! may i congratulate your team for having really come up with a great set of changes. I have nothing but praise — No cribs at all! It is very satisfying to see content match design and vice-versa. Now you have a world-class site and a world-class idea which you can be extremely Proud of!
Parul Sharma (Web Design Consultant, Mumbai)

Dated: 19/4/2001
I just visited Simova site. it is aesthetically very pleasant and easy to use. I could use it from here, London, and the villager in me is excited and proud that my Bangalore team has produced it.

Prof. U.R. Ananthamurthy (author)

Dated: 20/4/2001

I feel proud to belong to the extended Simova family. Well done.

Bhaskar Bhat (Deputy Managing Director, Titan Industries Ltd.)

Dated: 21/04/2001            Deccan Herald, Bangalore edition           Page: 5
Simova Education and Research is offering its first Applied Liberal Arts course through the distance learning mode and will begin with "Futuristics", a three-month basic certificate course, which will help in understanding and anticipating the future.

According to a press release, Simova's Futuristics is the first of its kind in India and is meant for wide ranging non-specialist groups including college students and working professionals. Syllabus will be India-centric.

The courses wll be offered through a unique study methodology involving printed study material and a virtual campus on the Internet. Those who don't have internet connectivity, can take classes by making an occasional visit to the neighbourhood cyber centre.

Simova academic council comprises personalities from different backgrounds, including Jnanpith awardee and writer Prof U R Ananthamurthy; renowned social scientist and thinker and senior fellow at CSDS, New Delhi, Dr Shiv Visvanathan; Executive Director of Oracle India, Mr Ranjan Chak; COO of Titan Industries Ltd., Mr Bhaskar Bhat; consulting economist and former director, Institute of Public Enterprise (Hyderabad), Dr Vinod Vyasulu; Head of HR Education (Services), Buckingham University (U.K.) Mr V S Mahesh, and MD, Prudential-ICICI Ltd (Asia region) Ajay Srinivasan.

For more details on the course and the centre, log on to www.simovacampus.com

Dated: 27/04/2001            CITY REPORTER           Page: 7
The 21st century workplace calls for a different breed of professionals. Will your qualifications and skills be in demand forever? Will the way you life and work stay the way it is today? Can you afford to ignore the future anymore? Are you up to it ?

Simova Education and Research, a city-based distance learning institution, attempts to answer all these questions and more through its 3-month basic certificate course in understanding and anticipating the future called Futuristics. Targeted at college students and working professionals, the course is the first course of its kind in India, according to Simova.

The course is part of its applied liberal arts humanities-based educational programme, which all largely be India-centric. According to Simova, the course will be combination of printed study material and a virtual campus on the Internet. "Even those without an Internet connection can benefit from the course by making an occasional visit to their neighbourhood cyber centre." said H. Jayadeva, Director of Simova Education and Reserch.

Some of the distinguished personalities that from the Simova Academic Council include renowned writer Prof. U. R. Ananthamurthy, Social Scientist Dr. Shiv Visvanathan, a senior fellow at CSDS, Delhi, Ranjan Chak, Executive Director, Oracle India, Bhaskar Bhat, COO, Titan Industries, Vinod Vyasulu, Consulting economist and former Director, Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad, V.S. Mahesh, Programme Director, HR Education (Services), Buckingham University (UK) and Ajay Srinivasan, MD, Prudential-ICICI, Asia.

The fee is Rs.2,500. If you enrol before April 30, you will only have to pay Rs.1,875. There are special discounts for group enrolments.

For more details, call 226 - 5111, 228 - 1454 or log on simovacampus.com.

Dated: 03/05/2001            The Hindu                  Page: 3
For learning through exploration

THE CITY based Simova Education and Research is offering its Applied Liberal Arts Course through distance education. The first discipline to be offered will be "Futuristics", a three-month basic certificate course in Understanding and anticipating the future. The course will be largely India-centric, the Institution says.

Simova had adopted a study methodology which involve printed study material and a virtual campus on the Internet. "many-to-many and peer group collaborative learning are our key methodologies. Our virtual campus facilitates learner self governance through which the learner is encouraged to take independent responsibility for his or her learning process. Simova's role is largely that of a facilitator", the Simova staff say.

"Futuristics", incidentally, is an emerging discipline that studies the future in a systematic and scientific manner. It provides a framework for planning and decision making, at the personal, professional as well as organisational level. Among other Applied Liberal Arts courses on the Simova agenda for the future are : A course on "Cross-Cultural Perspectives", "Logic and Creativity — Effective problem solving and decision making in the 21st century" and a course on "Professional Excellence", which deals with attitudes and perspectives for the 21st century workplace.

Simova's academic council include the renowned writer, Prof. U.R. Ananthamurthy, a Jananpeeth Award Winner, Dr. Shiv Visvanathan, a senior fellow at CSDS, Delhi, Mr. Ranjan Chak, Executive Director of Oracle India, Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, COO, Titan Industries, Dr. Vinod Vyasulu, Consulting economist and former Director, Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad, and Mr. Ajay Srinivasan, Managing Director, Prudential-ICICI, Asia.

The Simova philosophy of learning is "We believe in moving away from a world of titles, positions, authority, vertical hierarchy and rigid systems and procedures. Ours is a boundary less world of roles, functions and responsibilities, workflow and renewal of systems. We believe in learning through exploration, discovery and debate".

Details of the course and Simova may be had from the Simova Education and Research Pvt. Ltd., 48, Yamunabai Road, Madhavanagar, High Grounds, Bangalore.
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