Here’s your opportunity to be part of a revolution…

Bring purpose and meaning to your career and your life with a professionally fulfilling and financially rewarding career in education.

Education is the next big wave. Especially education the way we see it to be.

Simova is a 21st century educational institution, based in Bangalore, and focused on the needs of higher education. Our aim is to be a Distance Learning institution of excellence, and to create a system of learning that is truly enlightening, flexible, enjoyable, and within the reach of most people.

The aim of our study material is to open and expand a student’s mind, encouraging it to explore, experiment and discover. Our courses will be innovative and Humanities-based, created to help learners anticipate and meet the demands of a changing world. Simova learners receive printed course material in the form of several excellently designed books. They interact with each other through our virtual campus.

Simova is a big concept.

It has the potential to change forever the way people of all ages look at education. It can make learning a continual process that, very naturally, forms the basis of the way we think, work and live. We intend to achieve all this with the help of modern technologies and a broad spectrum of media. We work in tandem with our sister-concern, Resource Communications, a design studio and communication consultancy, to create world-class study material (visit www.resourcedesign.com for more information).

We have already created a pilot programme: an inaugural course on a subject called Futuristics, the first of its kind in India. We “soft launched” Futuristics to a very positive response, recording about 80 enrolments and a very appreciative learner-response. Elsewhere in this website you can read more about it. In the days to come, we plan to create Humanities-based courses on other relevant subjects.

Now we are augmenting our high-calibre team, so as to take Simova further along its path-breaking road to educational reform. We want to bring together a group of first-rate, truly original minds. Talented people with specialised skills, varied interests and a problem-solving, we-can-conquer-the-world attitude. Working together in a non-hierarchical and informal work environment. Creating a place of intellectual excellence, passion and energy.

Does our dream excite you?

If so, read what follows, go through our website in detail and then pick your role and responsibility.


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