Beyond Distance Education and
Online Learning

The Simova model of education is much more than typical distance education and online learning. Combining the best of both these systems, we have created an integrated learning experience.

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How do you do a Simova Course?

There are two aspects to any Simova course

Printed course material

We will send you printed self-instructional material by post or courier. Printed study material makes it easy for you to study where you want, when you want, giving you the comfort and familiarity of paper. We have also opted for printed material because we feel that the existing technology is not ready for online learning; nor is it easily accessible to most learners.

Virtual Campus

The Internet is the way your learning comes alive. SimovaCampus hosts a community where Simova learners come together. The entire Virtual Campus is geared towards one activityŚlearning. As a Simova Learner, collaborating with others on the Virtual Campus will be part of course requirements. SimovaCampus is designed in such a way that you will easily find most of the things you are looking for. Also, our Learner Kit will help you successfully manage your learning as a distance learner.

We repeat, to be a Simova learner, you do not have to own a computer, nor do you have to be a regular Internet user.


4. Study Method
a) Simova Way

b) Learning Model

c) Distance Learning

d) 21st Century Learning

e) Six-way Path

f) Collaborative Learning

g) Assessment


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