What does our name mean ?

We are often asked the meaning of our somewhat unusual name. It is a simple enough explanation: Simova is an anagram of Asimov, which is the last name of the renowned writer Isaac Asimov (1920-1992).

Asimov was an astounding polymath. He wrote more than 450 books, was a compulsive reader and an even more compulsive writer. Most people know of him as a science-fiction writer. And as such, he received more honours and lifetime-achievement awards than anyone in the field.

Asimov's real genius, however, lay elsewhere: he was one of the greatest explainers of all time. He wrote—intensively and extensively—on an amazing and awe-inspiring range of subjects. His books cover areas as varied as algebra, arithmetic, astronomy, biology, chemistry, bio-chemistry, comparative history, Greek and Roman history, world history, Shakespeare, the Old and New Testaments, physics, population studies, the etymology of words, our past, the future... the list can go on and on.

Asimov's writing style and presentation were as impressive as his range of writing. He was transparent and lucid; he wrote simply and engagingly on the most complex of subjects. He walked his readers through ideas, playing the role of a guide who enjoys watching his charges make discoveries and find illumination while in his care.

In Distance Education, we call this “guided didactic conversation”. So whether he realised it or not, Asimov set the highest standard for writing Distance Education study material. In fact, his writing fulfilled all the criteria of excellent self-instructional material.

We had a list of possible names for our institution. But somehow it seemed right and fitting that it be Simova. In tribute to one of the greatest Distance Educators of all time.


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