Simova's Basic Certificate Course in Futuristics
Pilot Programme: Learners' Comments

1. From Sudheendra Savanur

I take this opportunity to thank you both and your colleagues for giving me a 21st century learning experience. I can without any hesitation add that the learning and interaction that was possible at Simova is unique and path-breaking in any attempt to create a truly learning society. Your materials, activities, programs and above all the warmth and affection given to all is of highest standard and for once I felt I was receiving what is really due to me. You have inspired me enough to last a lifetime. You have shown that any path-breaking effort is marked by sincere and professional hardwork, you have also proved to be very patient and understanding. I consider your efforts as a benchmark for all of us to follow in our own fields.

Please let me know more about the formation and activities of our alumni as I know that the end of this basic course is only a beginning towards deeper understanding of futuristics.

2. From Arvind Kumar

Thank you so much. Feels really good to have finished the course, i really enjoyed it and believe that it was one of the most significant learning experiences i have had. I am really looking forward to continuing my association with Simova as a learner of the course 'professional excellence'. I'd be grateful if you could tell me the status of the course as of now. I do hope it's on, sounds very interesting.

Some feedback about the course, i do believe that more attention has to be given to 'methodologies', after all that's the basis for a successful scenario. I understand that the objective of this certificate course was to provide an overview of 'Futuristics', but still think that more attention should be given to this area.

The course design and content is exceptional, and I'm sure that efforts are on to constantly improve upon your own high standards.

Thank you so much personally for all your help. I guarantee i will keep in touch, i hope you do too, Thank You again.

Simova's last workshop as part of the course
—Future Scenarios:2011 (22 July 2001, at Simova, Bangalore)

The workshop was designed to facilitate some creative anticipation —in constructing scenarios on what life would be like ten years from now.

What our Learners felt about the Futuristics Workshop.

The workshop on Scenarios 2011 indeed proved to be an eye opener. I have never had the opportunity to discuss the topic in a formal setting until now. The ideas, knowledge of various aspects of life itself which came from a number of people has certainly helped me. I must congratulate Simova for taking the initiative and making it possible.

Thanks for the wonderful workshop today.

The workshop concept was excellent
—Kantharaj, R

Very good effort. Learnt substantially about creating scenarios. Excellent back-up support.
—Dr.T. Rangarajan

The Scenarios 2011 workshop was indeed a mind opener. As a group we were able to get new ideas, think differently, discuss, analyse, agree, disagree, strategize, co-operate, arrive at methods, conclusions. I think it was a valuable experiment we had.
—Kumar, S.

Kindled a futuristic thinking within the group, thereby giving an opportunity to work on forming the future rather than just accepting the future.
—Michael Fernandes

An eye opener. A trigger for 'self-brain storming' (or) look at things in totally new perspective. A big thanks for the workshop and the hospitality.
—Ramesh, T.K.

What our Learners say about our Futuristics course.

Hats off to Simova for the wonderful study material. I am sharing this information with all my friends.
—S. Chandrasekar

The material is great, the timelines are amazing — both interesting and informative. I've seen a few before, but this collection takes the cake.

Just to acknowledge the receipt of study material ! Enjoying the experience of learning.