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Simova is a 21st century educational institution, based in Bangalore, and focused on the needs of higher education. Our aim is to be a Distance Learning institution of excellence, and to create a system of learning that is truly enlightening, flexible, enjoyable, and within the reach of most people.

You will understand us better, if you know what we are not.


Is not an institution that dispenses online tutorials or coaching classes.

Is not a directory of colleges or career options.

Is not an education portal that caters to every surfer who passes by.

Which brings us to what we are.


Is an institution offering programmes which anticipate the changing educational needs of our society.

Is an educational institution whose model goes beyond Distance Education and Online Courses.

Is an institution that harnesses the power of both the Internet and the print medium.

Is an institution that creates collateral and enrichment learning and lifelong learning programmes.

Is an institution that awards certificates and diplomas.

Is an institution that will conduct and support research in Distance Learning methodology and delivery systems, self-instructional material, counselling and use of technology in Distance Learning.


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